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Peter Blessing speaks out after Bahati had him arrested


Embattled EMB records signee Peter Blessing has broken his silence following the scuffle with EMB boss Bahati.

Last week, word broke that the 20 year old had quit Bahatai’s label after he shared a video on social media asking fans to support him in his new journey.

Peter Blessing who hails from Taita Taveta released his first song last year dubbed ‘Nasubiri Bado’ under Bahati’s record label after Bahati pulled him out of a security job.

On Thursday Peter Blessing and EMB producer Paulo were allegedly arrested and the singer spent the night at Central Police Station following a case filled by Bahati.

Paulo spoke after his release saying that Bahati had accused him of stealing from the studio and yet he gave him the said items.

Blessing spoke out saying that he spent the night at central police station over fake allegations.

“Can´t imagine nilikuwa cell? But God I know this are signs of my success, Mungu halali mengi mazuri yananisubiri…. Its only God who replies to the deeds the poor are going through. Fake allegations got consequences. God´s Favour.” He said

It is however not clear what transpired between Bahati and Peter Blessing but according to Blessing’s mother, her son was being mistreated at EMB.

Blessing’s mother while on an interview with a local publication hinted that the EMB boss claims that Blessing owes him 2 million Kenya shillings.

“My son does not owe bahati 2 million. They are only taking advantage because they feel he is poor and has nowhere else to go.

In-fact they are the ones who have been enriched by peter through his music. On 31st my son performed and he was to be paid 50,000 but he was not paid despite performing.But some of the other artists who performed were paid”

The whole back and forth started after the EMB boss got wind of Blessing’s intended exit from his record label.

Bahati who has been dominating the Trends from Friday took to social media to brag about trending across socials.

“Always TRENDING, I love my life.” He wrote