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  • Peter ‘Miracle Baby’ to perform miracles.
  • He underwent a third surgery due to complications with his digestive system.
  • While pooling funds for his treatment, a section of netizens called him out for flaunting a huge bill from a club spending.

Gengetone artist turned Mugithi singer, Peter Mwangi popularly known as Miracle Baby has vowed to become a pastor once discharged from the hospital.

With an astounding bill to clear the singer was hopeful that well-wishers would intervene and bring an end to his confinement.

In a video doing rounds on social media, Miracle Baby is captured on his hospital bed with his mother beside him as he promises to serve God.

“Bwana Asifiwe, I’m going to preach, kutoka hapa nakuwa pastor and I will preach” he stated partly.

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He then burst into an Agikuyu song in unison with his mother.

Despite his recent surgery, he appeared coping well with it.

Mirable Baby and Carol, PHOTO Courtesy


Ruptured Intestines

Peter’s wife, Carol Katrue who is also a Mugithi singer has been using her social media to update fans on her man’s health.

According to Carol, his man’s intestines ruptured after undergoing a successful surgery.  This is what prompted the third surgical process.

While he waited, he never visited the washrooms normally but rather through pipes.

“Hae guys the surgery was successful but the intestines had burst  and they have managed to wash but he will be going to the toilet through a pipe and they have left some intestines ottside for six weeks and when he recovers he will go back to the theatre” she wrote partly.

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When news broke of Miracle Baby’s sickness with the family pooling funds which had skyrocketed to a million plus, a section of netizens called him out for a past deed in which he flaunted a huge bill from a club’s spending.

Many were also taken aback with the revelation that he had no medical insurance.




February 12, 2024

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