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‘Petition to Dissolve Nairobi County Government not valuable ‘- Bunge La Mwananchi

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Bunge la mwananchi is calling on the office of the president not to consider dissolving Nairobi County government.

The organization said the petition that was presented before it by Mr. Kamotho who wants Nairobi county government dissolved is not viable.

According to Bunge la wananchi chairman Henry Shitanda ,the county government of Nairobi is on course and is delivering  services to Nairobian residents as expected.

He called on the president to dismiss the petition by  Kamatho which he describes as of less value.

‘‘President Uhuru Kenyatta should ignore Kamotho petition we are also aware that he is not Muthurwa chairman and that he is an impostor,’’ He added.

Political supremacy between Maina Kamanda and governor Mike Sonko also took center stage with group accusing him of what  they termed as frustrating governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

They however urged  him to keep off  ‘dirty politics’ and concentrate on his representation in parliament.

‘‘We Want to ask Maina Kamanda to stop political mind-games and stay away from governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko to deliver what he promised Nairobi residents,’’ Shitanda stated.


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