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Philip Murgor clashes with JSC panel

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By Claret Adhiambo

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor today clashed with several Judicial Service Commission panelists conducting interviews for the Chief Justice Position.

Murogor shocked a section of Kenyans who were following his interview when he said that it would mean nothing to him if he was not appointed Chief Justice.

“I will not do anything to get this job. It is not a job that I need to have. It is just that I want to offer my services to the public,” he said.

Murgor who was the fifth candidate to be interviewed first clashed with Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu over her current position.

Murgor’s statement that having an acting chief justice is not the same as having a Chief Justice seems to have irked Mwilu who asked him it meant that there was vacuum.

“An acting Chief Justice is not the same as having a Chief Justice. It is a fact there is no substantive Chief Justice in office,” said Murgor.

“I am not saying that the acting CJ is not doing her best, I am simply saying it’s not the same as having a CJ. Anyone in an acting position is acting for a temporary time,” he said.

Judge David Majanja questioned Murgor over the events that happened during the 1982 coup and the 1990 political clashes.

In the 1990 political clashes when Murgor was the government’s prosecutor, a victim claimed that he was tortured.

Murogor however responded that he was a professional and was only doing his job as a prosecutor to which Majanja responded, “A man is his history and we shall judge you accordingly. Thank you.”


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