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Photographer transforms two street lovers and everyone goes crazy

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A city photographer grabbed the attention of many Kenyans online when he shared photos of a couple on the streets that he took during Valentine’s day.

The photos which were taken a week ago have just recently been shared and the online family is wowed by the story behind it.

The photographer identified as Muchiri frames says he had seen the couple together on the streets on several occasions and decided to give them a good treat in this month of love.

The two lovebirds Virginia and Sammy Blackie met at Central Park where their friendship blossomed and bloomed at Majengo slums over two years ago and have been together ever since.

Speaking on an interview with a local publication, Muchiri the photographer said Kenyans responded well to the story and have even offered to help them off the streets.
“Their love story has defied all odds. They are a young, amazing couple with a genuine story to tell. When we took them for the shoot from Central Park, well-wishers just chipped in providing the stuff used in makeover such as clothes and makeup,”  He said.

See their transformation story below.


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