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Photos Of A Drunk Kalembe Ndile With Strange Woman Go Viral


kalembeLiving in this day and age where your integrity could all be ruined in just a click of a device, we all have two choices, two stay alert or stay alert! Don’t drop ball! No one told Kalembe Ndile though as now his photos while drunk and blacked out in a local pub  are doing rounds on social media with Kenyans making fun of him.

The former MP is not new to scandals and controversies but on this one he clearly wasn’t a willing participant as he was busy blacking out, those hanging out with him or rather around him took advantage of his drunken stupor to even take pictures with him.

Talk about ceasing opportunity! The question however is what the motive was behind the sharing of the photos because being a festive season, almost everyone is on a drinking spree, politicians too are human and so shouldn’t Ndile not be allowed to make his merry in peace?

Here are the photos or the aging Ndile and the lady who sought to have her two seconds of fame by posing next to him.

Mukami Kanyi