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Photos of a devastated Papa Shirandula’s Njoro surface online

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Photos of actor Kenneth Gichoya popularly known as Njoroge in local TV show Papa Shirandula looking devastated during fellow actor Charles Bukeko’s burial has surfaced online.

Njoro was among public figures who attended Bukeko’s burial in Nanderema, Samia sub-county, Busia county on Monday morning.

In the said photo, a rugged looking Njoro is holding the fallen actor’s grave cross looking teary.

The actor shared a photo of himself standing next to Papa’s grave, holding the cross while clenching his fists, a clear indication he was extremely emotional at the moment.

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Immediately after the photos surfaced online, fans came out to condole with Njoro.

Many people admitted indeed they are feeling his pain and that he has every right to mourn and be emotional considering the friendship they shared.

Actor Charles Bukeko popularly known as Papa Shirandula succumbed to Covid-19 on Saturday July 18th and was laid to rest in Busia county on Monday.

Check out the photos below: