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Pilsner acting as a major boost to clubs in Eastlands

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Pilsner Kenya in collaboration with Ghetto Radio and Trublack Entertainment are continuing with the Pilsner activation and this time they took it to Soulfa Lounge Umoja in Eastlands.

Dj Ricks, Soulfa Lounge Dj applauded Pilsner Kenya for bringing the event close to them and that clubs fans were happy.

He also said that they feel privileged as reggae Dj’s because they will now feel recognized thanks to Pilsner.

“Wati wengi Umoja that Soulfa inachezanga reggae so hii event imekuja kama boost kwetu. Pia pilsner inafanya job poa especially to Dj’s sahi kwa sababu wanasupport reggae Dj’s alot na ni kitu haikukuwa inafanyika before. Yani wanafanya sisis kama Dj’s wa reggae tunafeel recognized,” says Dj Ricks.

Soulfa lounge dj Bruks and Soulfa lounge mc at the Dj desk. Photo/Courtesy

The Dj also said that he loves reggae because it talks about the real life situation.

“Reggae is a coucies music and something that people can relate with. Reggae is a real situation venye life iko. Pilsner did a good work to partner witg reggae than any other music genre,” he added.

Morris Ochieng the team leader from Trublack said that they partnered with reggae because it is the most listened song in Kenya and because Pilsner is all about music.


“Tuliamua kupartner na reggae kqa sababu pilsner is all about music so ndio maana tulidecide tulete thyme ya reggae juu ya the lion. Because reggae is the most listened song in Kenya and most people love it,” says Ochieng.

Morris also added the activation is not only in Nairobi but countrywide including Mombasa and Kisumu.

He also added that they will do the promotion more often because it promotes the brand.

Pilsner brand ambassadors show casing their products. Photo/Courtesy



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