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Pilsner in Another Activation Tour With Ghetto Radio

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After the first activation was successful, Pilsner decided to do yet another activation with Ghetto Radio.

The first activation phase two took place at the Red Berry Lounge Kangundo road and was graced by Ghetto Radio’s DJ Chara.

The club was full to capacity and revelers enjoyed the reggae music hosted by Ghetto Radios’ mid-morning presenter Shideh.

The club’s DJ, DJ Slayer says that the activation will bring more clients since pilsner is of affordable price.

Nimenotice wasee wengi wanakunywa pilsner na hii offer ni pocket friendly na itaimprove sales na clients kwa hii club yetu considering tunakuanga na reggar every Thursday,” DJ Slayer said.

Actually i am a fan of pilsner nakunywa pilsner the lager na pilsner 7. Si mbaya ni beer fiti na hangover inaleta si mbaya sana kwa sababu ni hangover mtu anaweza control virahisi,” he added.


Revelers enjoying reggae music at the club. Photo /Milo George

The DJ asked Pilsner to continue with the activation because it makes people try out the beer and also enjoy reggae music.

Eddy Rowland, a reveler at the event rated pilsner beer 11/10 saying he would choose it everyday.

Nimeamua kukuja hii activation kwa sababu napenda reggae music na ghetto radio na pia juu napenda beer ya Pilsner. Tumepewa merchandise ya pilsner na pia tunajinice. Naweza rate hii beer ya pilsner 11/10 kwa sababu ni beer poa na haina hangover. I would prefer pilsner everyday everytime,” Eddy Said.

Pilsner will have yet another activation over the weekend in Nakuru.



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