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Pilsner Is the Recommended beer

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It was all system go at Eltoro Lounge as Pilsner Kenya in Collaboration with Trublack Entertainment and Ghetto Radio threw fans into a live activation at Embakasi.

The MC of the event Shideh thanked Pilsner team for the opportunity as they they thrill with fans who were at large numbers. She appreciated the love and support urging everyone to take Pilsner beer terming it the best.

“Kama Kawa tumekuwa tuki trode kwa Kila club. Of course Leo tuko Eltoro Fedha, tunakula Reggae courtesy of Pilsner. Kama hauna rada Pilsner ndio kusema, Pilsner ni beer ya Mabazuu. Kama hauna rada beer ya kibazuu ni gani, beer ya Mabazuu ni Pilsner. Mimi Kama MC nasema Pilsner imenipatia opportunities kibao sana kwa sababu nimekuwa nikienda kwa bars nyingi haijakuwa. Kitu naweza kushoo, Siste Brathe hakuna beer ya kusema Kama Pilsner Kama hujajinyakulia yako ukiwa hapo mtaani, jinyakulie yako. Stand tall, stride more,” Shideh said.


Fans who were present thanked Ghetto Radio for taking the activation to their area as it will enhance fans love with Reggae music.

Revelers enjoying Pilsner at Eltoro LOunge Fedha. Photo/Emmaline Owuor

Jane said that she would recommend pilsner to anyone because it is the best beer brand, “We are here at Eltoro Lounge and we have for the activation with Pilsner. We thank Ghetto radio and Pilsner for bringing the activation in our area. Atleast this activation will make people listen and Love reggae music. I have never tasted Pilsner but my friends who take it say it’s the best and I can recommend it above all the other brands,”Said Jane Wanjiru.

The activation was also graced Africa’s number one DJ Katta and Reggae Spin master DJ Chara both from Ghetto Radio.



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