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Pizo Dizo reveals how Refigah killed her career

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By Steve Osaka

Kenyan rapper Pizo Dizo has fired shots at her former manager Refigah for wasting her career while signed to his now defunct Grandpa Records.

The “Chali Stinji” rapper rues missed opportunities and being taken in circles while at the stable. This is despite enjoying massive airplay a few years ago.

Pizo Dizo says that in many instances, Refigah brushed off her queries about money despite attending many well paying concerts.

.”Nimeenda show Tanzania mara mbili,nimeenda Daressalam,nimeenda Mwanza,Kenya hakuna mahali sijawahi enda kufanya show, nkimuuliza pesa iko wapi anasema ‘wee toa akili yako apo.. Saa hizi tunaconcentrate kubuild brand ya Pizo Dizo’ so mi nacheza chini,” narrated Pizo.

Grandpa which was then considered a music powerhouse churning out hit after hit such as ‘Maswali Ya Polisi’,’Fimbo’ and ‘Moto’ experienced an exodus of its signed Stars.

From DNA, Kenrazy, Kidis and Visita the once bubbling recording label was on a downward death.

She  terms Refigah a good manager who was swayed by his huge appetite for money adding that she regrets working with him.

“Na regret sana hiyo time nilihit nika sign hiyo contract, nikahit, nikahit na sina pesa,”the mother of one added.

She has since been releasing more music though they haven’t done well as before,she hopes to find a manager who’ll aid in pushing her work.

Todate she ekes a living working in construction sites as her ‘Karaoke Job’ vanished with the onset of the Covid pandemic.


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