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Plain Clothes Officers Deployed In Kibera In The Wake Of Hig Insecurity


Security has been intensified in Kibera slums to address complaints of the high cases of insecurity raised by locals.

According to the Kibera Sub county Commissioner Gideon Ombongi, in response to the situation, they have resolved deploy both uniformed and plain clothes police officers in the area.

Ombongi says that the security officers will work together with the locals to restore security in the area.

“We work as a team to make the work easier, security   issues require a joint effort from both the locals and the administration. So we are using the locals of good will to give us tip offs,” Ombongi said.

The administrator  also urged  the residents  to know  the police  boundaries   within  the sub county  and  report  any looming security  concerns.

He also complained that most residents in the sub county do not know the administrative and police Boundaries.

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“Most of our police posts and Chiefs camps are strategically located, so most of people may not know where to make formal reports. Kindly report the incident to any administrative office near you or nearest police post where the incident has occurred,” he added

He further  said that they  have a well-structured  plans to absorb the criminal  reformists  and that they must not be worried  of their  source of livelihood  when they  voluntarily  quit the crime and confidentially  confess  to the security  agents.

“We have a good plan to cater for the reformists to uplift their lives and restore their social status in the society. We will link them with Non-Governmental organisations and the government opportunities to give them an alternative and more sustainable economic empowerment plans.

By Rodgers Oduor


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