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Plans By Judiciary To Set Up Defilement Court Department Applauded


Human rights activists have now applauded plans by the Judiciary to have a separate court and judges to specifically deal with defilements cases.

Shafi Ali Hussein a Kibra based human rights activist says the move is welcomed and will help deal conclusively the many dragging defilement cases.

“We have so many cases lying down in justice corridors for many years …this move will address the backlog that we have and more importantly serve justice to the victims,” he said.

He has however, asked the police to ensure that they do not tamper with defilement cases at station level terming it as the main challenge the legal process is facing.

“Defilement cases are criminal in nature and police officers must be involved so when you tamper with evidence at any stage then the whole process is compromised,” he added.

Meanwhile defilement cases have had a steady rise in Kibra slums with some of the cases touching high profile religious clerics.

“Nubians Rights Forum is currently handling five active cases… We have successfully prosecuted these cases with the help of our lawyers but five are still pending….you will be shocked as imams and pastors are involved,” he told Ghetto Radio News.

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According to the Center for Rights Education and Awareness there is a sharp increase of defilement and gender based violence cases during this time of Covid- 19.

Phoebe Nzulu a counsellor at Center for Rights Education and Awareness says that the spike in numbers has been occasioned by loss of livelihoods, depression and immorality.

‘‘It is true that we have many cases of defilements and other forms of gender based violence, through our evaluation the pandemic has contributed largely in the spike…many lost jobs and during the containment measures family members spent more time unlike before and this has brought a lot of mishap among family members that sometimes end up in violence,’’ she said.


By Allan Otieno