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Platform For Youths To Convey Challenges Launched


A Non-Profitable Organization has launched a Social Media platform to help the youth convey challenges facing them.

Footprints For Change Organization has launched YUNITOK social media platform will help the youth convey challenges like service provision, policies, governance  among other issues.

The YUNITOK Platform is available on Facebook, Messenger  WhatsApp  and also SMS where the youth can  express their opinions and receive  information on  issues affecting them.

 ‘‘YUNITOK is a free messaging system available on SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp where young people express their opinions and receive information on issues that concern them. YUNITOK contributes to addressing this limited participation of young people by providing a platform for information and engagement. The YUNITOK platform has been set up on the SMS short code 20204 and on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Young people can self-enroll using the keyword JOIN, answer few demographic questions, and access the platform,” reads a statement from YUNITOK.


‘‘This program will focus on designing and implementing of stakeholder-led and youth driven strategies working with the youth to review the YUNITOK platform and co-creating strategies for asset-based civic engagement of their peers using technology as an enabler to expand the reach of YUNITOK. A hybrid of peer to peer online and offline approach will be used to create awareness of the YUNITOK platform and drive the youth to participate in youth led community engagement activities where the young people will recruit and on-board the youth onto the YUNITOK platforms,’’ It continues.

According to Carine Umutoniwase  the program will focus on designing and implementing youth driven strategies captured by YUNITOK.

‘‘YUNITOK  simply means Youth Unite  and Talk and it is a platform that give young people an opportunity to air their opinion on issues affecting them on a daily basis and there is no any other person that explains what young people go through than  youths themselves that’s why we want to come out and share their thoughts…in turn  we will share with stakeholders involved so that when they draft policies and channel development that concerns young people.

On WhatsApp, send the word “Join” to 0703202040; and On SMS, send the word “JOIN” to 20204..” Carine Told Ghetto Radio News.