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Play Kenyan Music KE hashtag didn’t fully pay off but improved the situation- Naiboi

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By Annette Amondi

If there’s one debate that has dominated the music industry since the year began, its the call for media to play more Kenyan music.

The debate that got the head of state’s attention was sparked by singer Naiboi who says he was very unhappy about how Kenyan artistes are being treated in their own country.

Naiboi says he reached the peak of his anger regarding the situation during the Wasafi festival concert on 31 st of December 2018.

“During the concert, the event organizers were treating local artistes like they are not worthy. In all that though i’ve realized that most of these promoters are big fans of the said international artistes no wonder they give them so much hype and want to be seen with them every now and then.” He said

The however maintains that were it not for his voice and Khaligraph, the situation would not have changed.

He also maintains that he will continue to fight for the upcoming artistes and the Kenyan music industry in general.

“When I was starting out in the industry there was so much struggle, I kept wondering why the so called to artistes were not fighting for us or calling on media to recognize upcoming talent. Well now, I’m there and I will not neglect the matter. Kenyan artistes face so many challenges especially regarding airplay and I vowed never to remain silent regarding the matter.” He added

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Chit Chat, the 2 in 1 hit maker also said that though the matter has not fully paid off, he has noted some changes.

“There is a change, there are TV and Radio stations I never thought would play Kenyan music but now they have them on rotation. I’ve always wondered why they don’t play any Kenyan, are they trying to say that those who play Kenyan are crazy? Yes there’s change but you can best believe I am not done with this fight.” He said

Sauti Sol’s Bien also addressed the matter saying the whole thing circle back to obeying policies.

“We need to obey policies, If it stipulates we play 80% Kenyan then let us do exactly that. The whole focus should be shifted to policies that were put in place for artistes.” He said

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