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Police accused of colluding with criminals to kill Kinoo priest


Reports have now emerged that Kinoo Police officers might have colluded with criminals to kill the Catholic Priest in Kinoo last week.

Blackest Widow, a crime buster and also a colleague of Hessy Wa Dandora says Kinoo police officers need to expose the criminals who killed the priest before she exposes them.

“Its high time officers from Kinoo stopped their jokes and did what is necessary before we start exposing their illegal connections with criminals. We can’t continue this way,” she said.

The crime buster further stated that they will hunt down the criminals involved in the killing of the priest.

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“And i say this without fear of contradiction, that this is the major reason we normally kill criminals, once we put you on the list wewe kwisha…” she stated.

The Kinoo priest was murdered while he was driving from the church to a KCB branch in Kikuyu town.

They robbed him of an unknown amount of money in a bag.

Blackest widow is a crime buster who has been working hand in hand with the Hessy Wa Dandora to finish crime in Nairobi.

Their mode of fighting crime has however sparked uproar from activists who accuse them of extrajudicial killings.