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Police Accused Of Derailing The Fight Against Defilement



Human rights groups in informal settlement are now accusing the police of derailing defilement cases and at some point colluding with perpetrators to defeat justice.

According to Nubian Rights Chairman Shafi Ali, it has been difficult to get justice on cases touching defilement especially at primary stages that involve the police.

“The police have become an impediment in the war against defilement. Some are helping the perpetrators to get away with these crimes by writing them nice reports so long as you give them enough money,” he said.

They have further accused various hospitals of colluding with police to ensure justice is defeated claiming that some health facilities have also joined the syndicate.

“The problem is widening and our courts must also be careful with these defilement reports because it has come to our attention that some health facilities are also colluding with culprits to ensure that the report is not ‘harmful’ to the perpetrators,” he added.