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Police aided the man who defiled my daughter to flee Nairobi


A woman in Nairobi’s Mathare area is appealing for help in order to get justice for her 15 year old daughter who was defiled by a man who is reportedly a Nyumba Kumi official in the area.

Monica Achieng says that the alleged perpetrator was freed by police officers at the Drive-In Police post in Mathare North just a few hours after he was arrested.

“The man took my daughter to her place, spent with her the whole night on a Thursday. So when she came back in the morning i asked her where she was, after pressing hard she told me that she had spent the night at the man’s house,” narrates Monica.

She says that after the revelation from the daughter, she then took her to the MSF Hospital in Mathare for examination before reporting the man to the police.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news Achieng claims that the police then aided the man to flee the city to the countryside.

“At the police station, the man looked cosy with the officers. He was not put in a cell but was instead having small talks with the officers,” she says.

“After spending some time at the police station, the man was then freed, the police officers claimed it was my fault that my daughter had been defiled,” said Achieng.

She says her attempts to have the matter taken care of have seen the police officers frustrate her.

Before aiding the disappearance of the perpetrator, Achieng says that the police had asked her to settle the matter out of court.