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  •  Over 300 faithful had come for Sunday service
  • The Police allegedly took tithe

Police have shut down televangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life Church in Nyeri.

The newly-opened branch in the Kaai area of Nyeri town had reportedly been in operation for only two weeks.

According to the lead preacher, Martin David Manyasi, he was awakened by police who allegedly ransacked the church and took away an undisclosed amount of money and offering envelopes.

He claims that more than 300 members of the congregation who had turned up for Sunday’s service were locked out by the police

According to Pastor Ezekiel’s lawyer, Samson Nyaberi, who spoke to the press at the compound, he claims the state is trying to frustrate the expansin of New Life Ministry to different parts of the country.

Reprieve for Pastor Ezekiel as Court Suspend Deregistration of his church.

He added that there was an existing court order preventing the state from closig the New Life Church.

The lawyer also visited the Ruringu police station, where the OCS denied having seen the court order.

September 11, 2023

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