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Police Arrest Four Human Traffickers, Rescue 22 Victims


Police have arrested four people suspected to be members of a Human Trafficking Ring in Kenya ferrying 22 victims.

The four Muhsan Shariff Abdikadir, amin Shariff Abdul Qadir, Elias Mahabub and Muhamed Doyo were arrested while ferrying the victims along Thika Road.

The victims were however rescued by the DCI detectives.

“22 Victims of Human Trafficking-all were today rescued by Detectives as they were being ferried along Thika Road. Four Kenyan Traffickers; Muhsan Shariff Abdikadir, Amin Shariff Abdul Qadir,Elias Mahabub & Muhamed Doyo arrested.

The four  Suspects are in lawful Custody awaiting investigations.