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Police Arrest Kisumu Woman Who Stage Managed Her Kidnapping


Police in Kisumu have stormed a residential building and arrested a 30 year old woman for attempting to extort money from her husband by alleging that she had been kidnapped.

Mourine Awuor had allegedly called her husband and told him that she had been kidnapped only to be found in another man’s house who is apparently her ex -husband’s house.

Francis Aluko a Nyumba Kumi Officer from Manyatta A says that Awuor’s husband whose name has been hidden claimed that his wife (awuor) had told him that the kidnappers wanted Ksh. 15,000.

Aluko says that the husband then went and reported the matter to the area chief and the Kondele Police Station.

“A few days ago, we received a report that a 30 year old woman was missing. The report was then made at the Kondele Police Station and was forwarded to the DCI desk. The DCI then tracked her phone and her location was identified,” he said.

Aluko says that a manhunt they had launched for the woman, revealed that the woman had ben spotted buying some vegetable in the same area and lived in a storey building.

“When we entered, we found her cutting vegetables for lunch while taking tea. She was alone in the house,” Aluko added.


Aluko says that further investigations further led the police to the house of the woman where she allegedly lived with her first husband with whom she was married with for 10 years and had sired two children.

“This woman was double dealing these two men… One lived in the storey building while the other one lived down here… we also established that even the child this woman was alleging to have sired with the second husband was actually sired by the first husband,” he said.