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Police bust human trafficking syndicate with 38 girls

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Police in Mavoko, Machakos County are investigating a case in which 38 girls were found in a rental house being processed for trafficking in Saudi Arabia.

Mavoko Subcounty Assistant County Commissioner Elizabeth Karitu says that the girls who majority came from coastal counties were put in an inhabitable situation.

Karitu says that the girls were bundled in a congested house with no beds had been transported in two buses.

“Today at around 1:30pm we received a call that there were two buses which were seen ferrying some girls. So we came here to find out and when we came we found out that there are 38 girls in this rental house,” said Karitu.

Karitu says that upon interrogation, the girls claimed that they were from a training from a local organization.

“They claim that they had been trained on home nursing, home management and child care,” she stated.

According to Karitu, the lady whose custody the 38 girls were in is called Elizabeth.

She was later arrested and taken to the police station for interrogation.

The arrests come at a period when desperate Kenyans are searching for greener pastures.

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