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  • Several arrested in an ongoing chang’aa crackdown.
  • The raid was conducted over the weekend where more than 3 peddlers were arrested

The police and local administrators have now launched major chang’aa crackdown  in Mountain View ward following unexpected deaths linked with the illicit brew that has now dominated the estate villages.

The raid was conducted over the weekend where more than 3 peddlers were arrested and booked at Kabete Police station.

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According to Kangemi Chief the crackdown is ongoing and their target is to weed out completely the illicit brew in the entire Mountain View.

The arrest has been ongoing and we are not targeting Gichangi alone.On Thursday we arrested 3 and they were all booked at Kabete Police station and the law will take its course.

Kangemi Chief Rufus Mwangi 14TH MAY, 2023.

Last month Dan Ekambi alias Man U lost his life at a  chang’aa  den something that triggered public outcry.

Mwangi told Ghetto Radio News that arrested peddlers are currently being held at Kabete Police station and that the crackdown will be on daily basis.

Tunawaunga mkono kabisa tumechoka sisi kama wakaaazi you can imagine we are losing our youths day in day out because of chang’aa and to make it worse some are even dying and no one talks about it   I think they should be serious with these arrests and ensure justice is done.Mayut hawana life hii area tumejaribu kucomplain kuhusu hizo tei toxic lakini gava haijakuwa serious tunataka how wenye wameshikwa wafikishwe kotiko sio kuwarambisha hongo then waendele kuharibu maisha yetu na  chang’aa.

John Kamwai Mountain View resident.

Landlords and Chang’aa Sellers

Meanwhile the area leaders led by Mountain View MCA Maurice Ochieng’ has called on the police to destroy the dens and also arrest landlords who allows Chang’aa brewing in their house.

It should not be business as usual to those landlords who allows peddlers to brew Chang’aa in their houses because in one way or the other they are breeding grounds for  peddlers and they must face arrests too.

Maurice Ochieng’ 13th May,2023.

By Allan Otieno

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