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  • Nairobi Liquor Board accusing Police officers for leaking information to illicit alcohol vendors.
  • Some liquor vendors have mounted grills in front of their shops and escape doors therefore making it difficult to apprehend them.


Nairobi City County Liquor Board is now blaming section of police Officers for being an impediment in fight against illicit alcohol in Nairobi especially illicit wines spirit .

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News the board vice chairperson Judith Anyango says most of the illegal outlets are owned by police officers and they have been leaking information to other outlets owners  whenever the board want to conduct a crackdown.

“It has been a very difficult affair you can imagine the Nairobi County Liquor Board did mapping and you can imagine we were able to realize 8000 liquor outlets but out of that number only 2000 were licenced. Going by that number we have been doing crackdown in the affected areas but that has not been much effective due to some information leaks.Some uncouth officers leak this information before crackdown and the perpetrators disappears after getting the information.Another problem is that many illegal outlets are owned by police officers this means you can’t do arrest in those places and that has been a major challenge.” She Anyango said.
She has however,stated that some liquor vendors have mounted grills in front of their shops and escape doors therefore making it difficult to apprehend them.
“Some liquor vendors have grills in front of their liquor shops and a backdoor when you go their for the arrests they will always escape through the back door.That have been a challenge too.” She added.

Kayole Alcohol mess

Meanwhile Kayole residents in Embakasi Central sub-county have now raised concern over the spread and consumption of illicit brew in the area.

According to the residents many youths are now into alcohol which is now a threat to young generation.

“It’s alcohol from morning hours to evening most of that are illicit brews and wines and spirits that are being sold in different out let’s.The crackdown should entrenched and should first focused on illegal wine and spirits that readily avail these alcohol to the young people if that is not taken care of then it will be difficult deal with this menace,” David Njoroge a resident said.

“It should taken care of promptly before it’s late our officers here are in their pockets and actually does nothing in dealing with it.They should be transferred and new officers who are serious with their job to take over.Nairobi County Government Should also stop issuing carelessly the liquor licences and those misusing their licences be revoked.” Ken Demba another resident said.

Reaction From Area MP

Meanwhile the area Member of Parliament Benjamin Gathiru alias Mejja Donk has warned the perpetrators that their days are numbered.Speaking after leading a multi-agency crackdown Gathiru says he will not sit down and watch youths messing their lives consuming illicit alcohol.
“Those behind illicit brews will have face full wrath of the law we can’t sit down and watch our youths messing that way.We shall not have a country so if you know you are alcohol dealer in Kayole Central please do the right don’t kill our generations.” He said.
In the recent raids several dens were shut while other dealers escaped the dragnet.

September 10, 2023

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