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Police gun down suspected thug reigning terror on Buruburu residents


Police Officers last night gunned down a suspected thug after he and his two accomplices allegedly terrorized the residents of Buruburu.

The DCI in a statement stated that the suspect and his accomplices had stolen valuables from the members of the public who were rushing home from the shopping center.

According to the statement police officers who were doing patrol got report of the incident when it was happening.

One of the robbers then fired shots at the police officers who retaliated and killed him.

“Officers who were on patrol got wind of the incident and responded in the nick of time, just as the robbers staged their escape using a motorbike, whose registration number plate was missing. But upon arrival, one of the armed robbers who was a pillion passenger on the getaway bike, fired at the officers. The officers responded by fatally wounding him, as his accomplices escaped narrowly, towards Jericho. A firearm loaded with one round of 9mm calibre, was recovered,”read a statement from the DCI

The suspected robbers are also believed to be behind the shooting of a 40 year old woman named Judy Gacheri Wambura in Embakasi and left her injured.

Gacheri was in the company of her colleagues before the robbers attacked them and stole their mobile phones and other valuables before shooting Wambura and fleeing.

“Judy Gacheri Wambura who is currently fighting for her life at Kenyatta National Hospital was walking home together with her colleagues, when they were accosted by the gun toting thugs. As her panic stricken colleague Francis Mwangi Mwai recounted to our officers, two men who had just alighted from a motorbike confronted them and snatched Gacheri’s handbag from her,” said the DCI

According to the police the suspects then opened fire indiscriminately, seriously injuring Gacheri, and fled on a numberless motorbike.

The detectives from the scene of crime and photographic unit documented the scene and gathered crucial exhibits to help in tracking down the other suspects.

The search for the two suspected who fled is ongoing and one of the suspects is recorded to have