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Police Impostor terrorizing Embakasi Residents


Residents in Nairobi’s Embakasi, Tassia area up in arms over a suspected police impostor reigning terror on them in the area.

The residents claim that the impostor only known to them as Oloo conducts his patrols with a pair of handcuffs and a tear gas cannister in hand extorting money from people.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News they claim that Oloo who is not a police officer has always resulted into vandalizing their property and teargasing them when denied handouts.

“How does the government allow such a person to operate? Who is this Oloo allowed to terrorize people like this?” posed a resident.

One person is reported to have suffered broken in one of Oloo’s illegal patrols where he vandalised property and teargased traders.

“Kevo is injured, and has not been given medication. He is being held hostage by this rogue officer. Our plea is that they give us our colleague we take him to the hospital,” he stated.