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Police Launch Manhunt Against Boda Boda Operator Who Defiled Class Five Pupil


Police have launched a manhunt on a boda boda operator who allegedly defiled a class five pupil in Nairobi’s Kibera area on Tuesday.

Humphrey Land a children protection officer says the suspect lured the pupil into one of the houses in Kibra, Makina ward with Ksh. 400 before defiling her.

According to Lando this is the second time the pupil has been defiled by the same man.

Tuesday’s incident brings the total number of defilement cases reported in Kibra to 10.

Mr Lando has however stated that that more measures are underway to curb the suspect. He added, defilement cases has left many children in the area to drop out of school and even to contact sexually transmitted infections.

He has also cautioned parents against protecting their children who have been found guilty of committing such illegal acts in the area.

“Apart from this, parents should also be on the know always on where their children are and who they relate with considering that now schools have closed,” stated Lando.