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Police officer accuses seniors of frustrating her while pregnant

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A policewoman based at Lang’ata Police Station has accused her superiors of frustrating her while pregnant.

Police Constable Swaleh Rehema in a series of Instagram posts pointed a finger at OCPD – Benjamin Mwanthi, and the OCS William Matu.

Rehema claimed that the two had her between two work stations when she was seven months pregnant until she gave birth where she was posted to West Park police post and Lang’ata Police Station.

The officer worked at West Park for a month only to be summoned for a second time by the records personnel who informed her that she was going to face disciplinary action.

Rehema had been reported for absenteeism. She was informed that she was supposed to work at the Lang’ata Police Station rather than West Park.

“The duty roster was changed and I was reposted back to Langata without being informed,” she complained.

“I filed a case with the Internal Affairs, but I later withdrew it as I was too weak to move around and keep pace with the proceedings.” Rehema added.

The officer welcomed her child on June 2 through a C-section and in turn her bosses then denied her maternity leave.

She alleges that in spite of sending her birth notification to her colleague who allegedly filed it at the police station, her superiors still insisted that she files it herself.

“They threatened to not have my salary remitted.
The OCS has refused to grant me a leave. Other ladies who delivered before me sent their notifications and they were granted leave. I am told that I should have personally taken my birth notification,” complained Rehema.

“With my surgical wound, I can’t even walk well. I was in further shock,” she stated.

Rehema’s complains come just a few weeks after another female officer asked the Inspector General of Police to accept her resignation letter after she was allegedly assaulted sexually by her seniors.

The matter is currently under investigation.


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