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Police Officer Giving Free Masks To Residents Of Huruma


A police officer in Nairobi’s Huruma area has taken an initiative to give free masks to people arrested for violating Covid-19 protocols by not wearing masks.

Robert Mugo the OCS at Huruma Police Station says that he gives the masks as part of his initiative to sensitize people on the dangers of Covid-19.

Mugo however says that he does not give the masks to everyone. He first analyses the situation to establish whether the person being given the mask is needy or just an open defiant of the protocols.

“You see Huruma is an informal settlement area and many people living around this area are very poor. Some cannot even afford to buys masks, that is why I give them,” he says.

Mugo says that he does not see the need of crowding people in police cells over masks and further risking their lives.

His act of kindness does not only end on the streets during patrols. Mugo says that he sometimes extends it to remandees charged with bigger offences.

“I have dozens of masks in my office. I give them out to remandees every morning and evening. This kind of helps protect them from getting infected with coronavirus,” he says.


Mugo says that his sensitization not only ends with the issuance of masks, he also ensures that there are sanitizers at the Huruma Police Station and hand washing stations.

“This precautionary measure comes after my colleague caught Covid. The white man says that once bitten twice shy and when I was transferred to this station, I analysed the situation and decided to take up these measures,” he says.

Mugo joins several police officers who have shown acts of kindness during the pandemic.

This happens even as majority of his colleagues in the service are being accused of taking advantage of the pandemic to kill innocent Kenyans.