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Police Officer Rewarded For Dismantling Child Trafficking Racket In Mathare Slums

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police rewardSteven Kimele an administration Police Officer in Mathare who won an award during the outstanding police awards has vowed to put up more measures to curb child trafficking.

Kimele who won an award for the best cop in Mathare says the word came about following his undying efforts to dismantle a child trafficking racket in Mathare.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Kimele who has been in Mathare for three years now says he majorly worked with the children and the slum dwellers to bring down child trafficking.

He says at least 60 children were being reported lost every week, a number he says has gone down since he started fighting the racket.

“I was posted in Mathare three years a go. During the time over 60 children would be reported lost every week. Some were being taken to Uganda, some in Tanzania,” says Kimele.

“Just before long, i decided to passionately follow the matter. I went to the Huruma Playing Ground, Mathare Playing Ground and even Kiamaiko playing ground and started talking to these kids. I asked them to alert me, anytime they saw a new child on the playing ground upon which i would give them 50 shillings, at times, 200 shillings depending on how prompt they raised the matter to me,” he narrates

Kimele did not stop there, he would also go to the children’s office where all reports of lost children were taken and follow up the matter with the children officers.

That is how we got to uncover these rackets and brought the numbers of lost children,” he says

Kimele largely attributes his award to the slum dwellers, the children officers and the children that worked he worked with.

“This is largely the job of the villagers and the children. I also appreciate IPOA so much for recogising the work of police officers. This will not stop here. I vow to put up more measures to ensure that child trafficking completely ends in Mathare,” he narrates.




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