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Police Officers Counseled On Mental Health


A non-governmental organization has launched an initiative that seeks to counsel and teach police officers on how to manage stress in order to avert the rising cases of murders and suicide among the police.

Risper Akinyi Founder of Ripples Favour says that they are planning to visit police stations across the 47 counties to not only teach the police how to manage stress but to also know the genesis of the problem.

Akinyi has expressed fear that the current situation of suicide and murders among the police is slowing creating fear in the current generation making them not to want to join politics.


“We have a generation that is coming, a generation that is still in school that will get to a point and say that they do not want to join the police service because of the rising suicide cases,” said Akinyi.

While Akinyi is cognizant of the fact that they might not be able to completely weed out the vice within the police service, they will at least change and help some police officers.

The group had visited Buruburu Police Station where a number of police officers were counseled on mental health.

Fridah Biwott who manages the Buruburu Police Station Gender Desk says that a number of the police officers have benefited from the programme.

Police Officers have been urged to attend counselling sessions in order to manage stress at work and also avert the rising cases of suicide and murders.