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Police Officers Linked To The Murder Of British Aristrocat To Stand Murder Trial


By Magi Kadzo

Four police officers linked to the murder of 28-year-old British aristocrat Alexander Monson have been placed on a defense hearing.

Mombasa High Court judge Erick Ogola ruled that Naftali Chege, Charles Wangombe Munyiri, Baraka Bulima and John Pamba have a case to answer in the murder of aristocrat Alexander Monson almost nine years ago.

Accused persons allegedly murdered Monsoon on the 19th May 2012 at Diani police station in Msambweni within Kwale County.

“The accused persons were responsible for the murder of the deceased or they know who killed Monson and they will now tell the court, during the trial they have claimed that the deceased died as result of injecting drugs and also said that he fell in police custody, two theories raise concerns which the court must find out,” said Ogolla.

Court noted that the deceased may have been assaulted by police officers but in a place where there were no witnesses since most of the inmates who testified did not see the incident but admitted that the deceased was brought into custody in good health.

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Alexander Monson, son of Lord Nicholas Monson, was arrested for allegedly smoking cannabis in the Diani beach resort in May 2012.

Ogolla also said that the medical reports showed that the deceased had a fractured left arm and spectrum which according to doctors he could not have walked to custody without complaining.

All accused persons will now defend themselves on the 10th and 11th of May.

Court also dismissed the Director of Public Prosecution’s application seeking to cancel the bail terms of the accused persons pending the defense hearing.

Ogola said that DPP did not prove how the accused persons will interfere with the witnesses but warned them against witness interference.

PHOTO 1: Alexander Monson’s mother is overcome with emotion during the trial in Mombasa

PHOTO 2: The four suspects in the docks of a Mombasa court. The four will face murder charges in the death of British Aristrocat Alexander Monson in 2012.