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Police on the hunt for Maasai watchman who stabbed a man to death in Huruma


Police are on the hunt for a Maasai watchman who stabbed a man to death in Ngei area, Huruma.

According to witnesses, the Maasai watchman stabbed Melvin Lugonzo to death after an argument ensued.

Witnesses report that the scuffle started after the diseased stepped on the watchman’s chicken outside the apartment where the Maasai watchman was guarding.

It is then that the watchman engaged him in a chase before catching up to him and stabbing him.

The watchman allegedly also stabbed a woman who was in the area before taking off. The lady has since been rushed to the hospital.

“He accidentally stepped on a chicken belonging to the watchman killing it instantly. The watchman then chased him and stabbed him on the chest. He also stabbed another lady who tried to intervene before taking off.” a witness told Ghetto Radio.

Area residents tried to catch up to the watchman but he managed to get away.

The body was moved by officers from Huruma police station.