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Police on the hunt for Man who killed then burnt father’s body


Police in Murang’a county are on the hunt for a 23 year old man who waylaid his father, killed him then burnt his body.

The man from Muchungucha Village in Kiharu Constituency, Murang’a County  is reported to have attacked his father as the elderly man walked back home from work on Thursday September 10th.

Michael Muchiri allegedly smashed his  70-year-old father on the head with a blunt object killing him on the spot. The suspect, thereafter, doused his parent’s body in petrol and set it ablaze

Muchiri’s mother said she heard a commotion near her house, and when she stepped out to check, she found her husband’s body burning. The  woman, thereafter, put out the fire .

The suspect is said to have taken dinner at his parent’s house and left moments to his father’s usual return time.

Muchiri’s sister, Rebecca Wangari, told a local media house that they  had, for long, suspected that their kin had mental problems, but did not imagine that he would kill someone.

“He had exhibited traits of violence before, and we had even suggested that he be taken for mental check-up and subsequent rehabilitation after his violent behavior persisted,” said Wangari.

According to Wangari, her brother had made enemies with almost everyone in the neighbourhood.

“There was a day, he poured out all our cooked food. Another incident in which his violent behavior manifested, was when he threatened to harm each of us in the family with an axe.”

A neighbour also said they suspect the 23 year old man was also suffering a drug problem.