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Police on the spot over rising cases of human rights violations

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AS the world marks the International Human Rights Day, a section of human rights defenders have put the police on the spot over the rising cases of human rights violations.

Max Odhiambo of Ruaraka Social Justice Network says that police have taken advantage of the Covid-19 restrictions put inplace to extort money from Kenyans.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Odhiambo said that it is quite unfortunate that the police are taking bribes from Kenyans who have not worn masks and letting them go, a situation he says cannot help stop the spread of the pandemic.

“We as human rights defenders want relevant stakeholders to come out and help address these issues of police brutality and extortions,” said Odhiambo.

Odhiambo says that the other restriction that is being used by police to violate the rights of Kenyans and extort Kenyans is the curfew.

“We are not telling them to let people roam past curfew hours, but we want them to instead arrest these people and let the law take its course because extorting Kenyans and beating them up is wrong,” he stated.

He also notes that as a rights group, they have also recorded more cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence during this time of the pandemic as compared to the other days.

“As Ruaraka Social Justice network, we have recorded very many cases of SGBV, and it is unfortunate that the police have also played a very wrong role in helping these perpetrators go away,” he said.

The International Human Rights Day is celebrated every 10th of December.


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