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Police send customers flying at local food Joint



A section of Majengo residents in Nairobi were sent into a frenzy after police found them gathered at a local food joint.

The residents were holed up at the joint eating their lunch when local authorities descended on them.

In line with the public gathering ban, the residents who were enjoying their meal were forced to flee from the officers’ strokes of the cane.

According to one of the residents, the whole scuffle started after the officers who were on patrol spotted the food joint open with customers eating their meals inside.

“We were eating when the OCS and some officers showed up and asked why we had not ordered take-away. We admitted we were on the wrong but they still beat us up and scattered our food on the floor.” He said

Food joints in the country have been given a government order to operate a take-away service only in a bid to combat spread of Covid-19