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Police to arrest relatives and friends of these terror suspects


Police have released photos of three suspected terrorists who are believed to be armed and dangerous.

In a statement the police have also urged relatives, friends and acquaintances of individuals believed to have joined any terror group to report to the police for questioning or face arrests.

“To further intensify the fight against the terrorism, the National Police Service has released photographs of wanted suspects and requests members of the public, relatives and acquitances of the suspects to provide information on their whereabouts,” said the police.

The statement released by Police Service Deputy spokesman says they have already started the process of taking legal action against relatives who have failed to report their relatives who have joined jihadi groups.

Some of the countries known to habour jihadists include Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq

In February 2019, Sakina Mariam Abdalla, the mother of the Dusit terror attack’s mastermind Ali Salim Gichunge was arrested and charged with failing to disclose the whereabouits of her son.

The prosecution told the court that knowledge or information of his whereabouts could have prevented the terror attack which left twenty one people dead.