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Police Tortured 108 Civilians In The Past 6 Months – Report

Most torture cases and inhumane treatment of civilians were meted by the disciplined forces, this is according to a report by the Independent Medical Legal Unit.

The IMLU report mentioned law enforcement agencies like Police Officers, City Askaris and Kenya Wildlife Services.

According to the report, 77 percent of the cases were of police brutality within the past six months.

In their records 65 are cases of cruelty and inhumane treatment while 36 case are extra-judicial execution and seven forced disappearance, 91 case involved male victims while 17 are female.

Peter Kiama IMLU’s Director says that they documented a total of 108 torture cases cutting across both genders.

“In this year up June we have received 108 cases of torture from police, civilians and domestic violence related case, with high percentage showing that men are the most targeted, while women are said to be having challenge in reporting and therefore there number might not give the accurate figure,” said Kiama.

He however stated that women captured in the statistics may not represent the actual figure since women are reluctant in reporting torture cases.

Kiama further stated that there is inexhaustible universal human right framework that ensures that victims’ and survivors’ dignity are restored and rehabilitated.

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“There are legal and nonviolent ways of dignity restoration on victims and also rehabilitations, one of them being speedy justice and bring the perpetrators to books so that they can be accountable for their immoral acts,”Mr kiama added.

Also present during the commemoration was National Police Service Public Information officer Jared Ojuok, who reiterated that the law enforcers have enlisted torture as criminal acts and any officer found culpable of perpetrating tortures risk losing his or her slot in the service.

 According to Mr Ojuok use of torture as means of facilitation investigation is blatant impunity and violation of the service charter of the national police service.

“The use of torture is not in our service charter and as a service we take tough legal action on our officers found to be violation the rights of members of the publics by torture of any other inhumane treatment.”Mr Ojuok stated.

By Rodgers Oduor