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  • Police want to kill me, cries Willy Paul.
  • It is alleged that Willy Paul hit a pedestrian and sped off.
  • The singer reads malice noting that the same thing happened last year.

Willy Paul is fearing for his life alleging that the police are out to kill him following a hit and run case. The singer has affirmed that the law enforcers have cordoned off his residence waiting to end his life.

The controversial singer has taken to his Instagram sending out a distress call affirming that things are about to get messy.

“I’ve been told that there are police officers outside my house Syotani villas waiting for me saying I knocked someone and ran away,they want to kill me” partly read his statement.

He further read malice noting that the same thing also happened last year.

“The same thing happened last year. If something bad happens to me you mjue ni watu wamevaa uniform and they’re outside my house right now”

Captioning his post, he went ahead and appealed to media houses to make a stop at his doorstep.

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“Emergency, If you know my place rush…All media houses!!! They’re trying to sweat me up!!” he wrote.

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Fans Reactions

Willy Paul’s post has since elicited mixed reactions from netizens. However, many are still wondering if indeed Willy Paul is under siege.

Some are on the opinion that he’s about to release new music and is pushing the vibe.

Others have also called him out for sending a false information regarding his security concerns.

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We sampled some of the comments below.

“Release that banger”

“Wee bana msiuwe Pozee”

“Iza ni Wakadinali mzee”

“Aende live tuconfirm”

“Hii kama ni kiki umelamba nje how can policemen kill you? uko sawa kweli”

“Bruh one day utapitia real sh*t watu wadhani ni uwongo…chill Bruh”



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