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Police warn of possible blood bath in Slain thug’s (Mwane) burial

Police warn of possible blood bath in Slain thug's (Mwane) burial

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Police have warned individuals planning to attend the burial of slain Nairobi’s most wanted thug Michael Mwaniki.

Mwaniki who is famously known as Mwane from Kayole was gunned down on August 20th 2017 in a heavy exchange of fire between police officers and thugs.

Infamous under cover cop Hessy has warned of a possible blood bath in the funeral as one of Mwane’s friends is allegedly still in possession of an AK 47.

Hessy further states that Mwane’s burial will be illegal as the police have not yet released the body for burial over the missing rifle.

In most cases when a thug is gunned down by the police, his/her family is required to pay for the bullets fired on him/her before their body id released for burial. Each bullet costs the family five to ten thousand shillings.

Mwane Sparta, or baba Trevor as his friends are eulogizing him, is the husband to the late slain Gaza gang girl Cleah addy VYbz.

Mwane leaves behind a baby boy Trevor Mwaniki




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