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Police’s thirst for land behind killings of youth in Kayole


kayoleKayole residents have sounded an alarm over the ongoing extra judicial killings by police in the area.

Led by Mejja Ogada, the residents claim the police have developed a grudge with the youth in the area who are reportedly protecting squatter land.

“They claim it is a fight against Gaza, but the reality is this is about the vast squatter land In Embakasi as a whole,” says Ogada a youth leader in the area.

Ogada claims police in Kayole have developed a sudden thirst for land and are after any youth who is protecting the squatter land whose  owners’ leases expired.

“Yes we agree that there are some criminal elements in Kayole like notorious thug Mwane who was killed last year. But all these people who are being killed are not thugs. The police are just hiding behind the name of Gaza to execute any youth standing behind them and the land,” narrates Ogada.

Ogada says the youth have acquired the lands in different names and are selling them to unsuspecting buyers from all over the country.

The piece of land that has created a bitter rivalry between the police in Kayole is the vast Portmore land.

Last year alone the police killed more than 100 youth who attempted to prevent them from grabbing land in the area.

While the police claim that criminals use the land as a hideout and a place where they hide their illegally acquired guns, the youth claim that the police are implicating them in crime in order to drive them out of the land and in turn sell them.

“The police officers perpetrating this are the junior officers without the knowledge of their bosses. You find a newly transferred officer driving a big car that he bought from the proceeds of the land sales,” narrates Ogada.

“I personally was accused of owning a gun by an officer who wanted to sell the parcel of land that i was protecting. I was lucky because the Kayole Police Station boss did not buy into claims. Otherwise i would be dead,” he states.

Ogada says the police have developed a thirst for squatter land in the area taken advantage of the rising insecurity in the area in executing the youth.

But Kayole OCPD Joseph Gichangi denied claims of targeting youths and dismissed the incidents as isolated cases.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Gichangi stated that he is however aware that the land has a case in court adding that no one is supposed to develop it.

He also denied reports of the police own parcels of land in the disputed Portmore.