Polio vaccination campaign facing opposition

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Religion hard stance together with  recent  massive complains from parents about the last polio  vaccination in Nairobi has become a stumbling block for the same exercise scheduled to begin this Saturday.

In consultative meeting by polio campaign stakeholders from various communities in Nairobi it emerged that most of the children vaccinated developed rushes in their  skin and high temperatures.

According to Nairobi county government health promotion co-ordinator Lilian Mutua the  complaints were as a result of Measles outbreak and  had nothing to do with polio vaccination.

‘‘Yes we received such complaints but we want to assure Nairobians that the vaccines that we give are safe but the  effects was as result of Measles.’’ She added.

Mutua says the test were done to affected babies and 8 of them  were found with suffering from Measles.

The government has been issuing continuous polio immunizations to children under age of five years following a discovery of polio virus in Eastleigh.