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  • Francis criticized Mr.Beast’s initiative saying it a way of exposing Kenya as a poor country.
  • He added that America is the as regards extending to poverty in Kenya.

Political analyst Francis Gaitho openly criticizes Mr.Beast’s Initiative to drill wells for schools in Kenya.

This comes after revealing that he has built 100 wells and a school.

The school situated in one of Kenya’s rural areas boasts of a library, a computer laboratory and classes sitting on a story building.

This act seemed to disturb many Kenyans as he shows how Kenya might be still a third world country.

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Reasons for Venting

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He  has criticize this act saying the motive of Mr.Beast is to show how Africa is a dark continent.

”The conversation is growing about Mr.Beast.,,Mr.Beast has or is planning to drill 100 wells across Kenyan Schools,”

”I saw him calling some places as naribi and you can’t even pronounce Nairobi,you understand what’s wrong with these mzungus,mzungu’s are very disgusting because we are trying to project or we are trying to validate the stereotype that Kenya or Africa is a dark Continent dependent on handouts,dependent on philanthropic interventions,

”I would have expected that Mr.Beast when he comes to Kenya,he is going to place meeting young intellectuals you know there is collective of people who do a lot of IT stuff,talk to an audience  who will take that and translate it into action into money and into job creation.”He vented.

He is promoting our Country as a poor Country.

”He is promoting as if we are a poor country.First of all,all those regions that he’s going to have something called Constituency Development fund and it goes to the tune of one million dollars every year allocation,”

”One million dollars specifically for building schools.The parents of those children are being bribed with 10 dollars so as to vote for corrupt leader.”He said

He also pointed out devolved government which has money but they can’t built schools for the Kenyans.

He added that America is the as regards extending to poverty in Kenya.

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