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Politician Abandons Search For Missing Husband, Family Asks Questions

The family of a missing politician’s husband is still asking questions on the mysterious disappearance of their son after the wife abandoned the search.

James Muthee Mwangi was first reported missing by his wife who is a city politician on the 14th of July 2022.

Muthee’s wife claimed that he was kidnapped by unknown men along Kenyatta Road on the fateful day.

Almost two months later, Muthee whereabouts are yet to be known by his family despite the several inquiries made at the DCI.

“The DCI at the Juja Police Station have been taking us into circles and are only claiming that they are still conducting investigations. Nothing substantive have come from them,” says Mwangi.

Mwangi says that they first thought that the abduction of his son was political since he was actively involved in campaigning for the wife.

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But when the elections were over and his son still never showed up he started sensing something sinister.

“They were doing very well in the campaigns so we first thought that the kidnapping was political. But as time went by and he still did not show up, we started looking on the other direction.” Says Mwangi.

Wife’s move of abandoning the search made them look at a different direction.

“The wife refused to cooperate with us in the search after winning the elections. Upon digging deeper, we found out that prior to his disappearance, they had a very big fight to the point that he (Muthee) told the wife that he will not campaign for her anymore.”

Mwangi’s family has tried to involve various organizations like Haki Africa to help them with the search to no success.