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Politicians organizing youth to fan violence

Politicians organizing youth to fan violence

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Religious Leaders across the country have called out on politicians desist from inciting young people to violence.

Led by Leader of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, Al-Haji Yussuf the religious leaders say they are aware that some politicians have organized gangs of youths to engage in pre meditated political violence and then pretend it is spontaneous.

The leaders have expressed fear of violence in the slum areas in the city and have called on the ministry of interior security to enhance security measures in these areas.

They have also condemned the killings of IEBC IT manager Chris Msando further asking for speedy investigations into the killings.

They have asked Kenyans to consume Social Media Messages with caution and have asked the media to remain objective in their reporting.

The leaders have said they have modalities that they will use to monitor the credibility of the elections.



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