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  • Poop eating Tik Toker has stunned netizens with her weird eating habit.
  • She also eats raw meat and has set her sights at eating a frog.
  • The mother of one revealed battling depression.

A poop eating Tik Toker Eva Naitore from Meru has stunned netizens with her weird eating habit.

In a recent online engagement, the single mother of one disclosed her rare cravings which also includes raw meat.

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How It All Started

In her narration, Eva noted that a few months ago she was undergoing depression and became suicidal.

However, memories of leaving her two year old son saw her move away from ending her life.

It was at this point that she developed the habit of eating raw meat.

“Nilikuwa deep into depression I was dealing with a lot nikajipata tu ninafanya vitu weird coz I was suicidal at the moment nilikuwa nafikiria tu I think I want to leave this world or die but nikaangalia tu mtoi wangu nikasema no I have to live so I found myself nikikula hizo raw meat” she stated partly.

While consuming the raw meat, she shot the video and shared on her Tik Tok with netizens baying for her blood.

Despite the negative reactions on her new found diet, on her side she felt encouraged and wanted to do more.

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With her commentary section flooded with divergent reactions, others suggested that she tries out poop to which she accepted the challenge.

“I saw so many people wananiambia kula mafi and I was like ‘aah why not!’ acha nijaribu” she continued.

According to Eva, she has had no side effects with her unheard of diet.

Her only problem arose when she consumed ‘raw liver’ which saw her battle a ‘running stomach’.

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Eva eats her own poop but showed a willingness to try another person’s shit.

She has set her sights on eating a frog with a section of netizens pushing her to try a chameleon or human meat.

The 26 year old admitted to not being okay and needing help.

Her aging father is currently sick with her two year old suffering from mild celebral palsy.

Fans Reactions

Below are a few of the reactions sampled.

“Weeeh tutaona maneno hii Kenya kweli”

“Naeza tapika nikufe”

“Ain’t normal prayer and fasting needed”

“This girl is a disappointed Meru girl”


November 15, 2023

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