The Pope finally admits to the longstanding issue of child sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church.

In Summary:

• Pope Francis finally acknowledges the issue of child sexual abuse within the church.

• This dark past has haunted the church’s image leaving believers questioning the custodians of faith.

• The Pope recognises this issue as a societal problem & should therefore not only be attributed to the Roman Catholic Church.

This groundbreaking acknowledgment marks a pivotal moment in the church’s history, as it seeks to address past wrongs and establish a new image of the church despite it’s dark past.

African Cardinals embrace during a meeting at the Vatican

An Overdue Admission

For decades, allegations of child sexual abuse have corrupted the Catholic Church which seemed to get away with only a warning and a slap on the wrist. These sexual assault victims and their families were forced to live on the rest of their lives with the trauma.

“We also contemplate in that outraged face the suffering we have received and caused, so as not to feel distant from the people we welcome even in pain.” carefully worded Pope Francis to a delegation of the Latin American Research and Training Commission for the Protection of Minors(CEPROME).

Despite individual dioceses and even the Vatican previously addressing the same issue in various capacities, this recent admission from the Pope himself signifies a monumental acknowledgment.

The Extent of The Abuse

Exposés from around the world have brought to light a vast network of abusive priests, with some cases even dating back several decades.

Synod of Bishops in the Vatican Synod Hall

Instead of a jail term or a steeper measure(the muslim world would warrant DEATH), priests were shuffled between parishes allowing them to carry on their predatory behavior.

The Church’s Response

The Pope’s acknowledgment has also come with a pledge for change. Plans have reportedly been put in place to refine the church’s protocols when it comes to vetting potential priests.

Pope Francis after a consistory to create 14 new cardinals in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

The Pope also decrees that this problem is more of a societal problem and should be adressed by society at large.

“The abuses that have affected the Church are but a pale reflection of a sad reality that involves all of humanity and to which the necessary attention is not paid,” reportedly said the Pope during his speech.

The only question is; Why has it been this rampant among the custodians of the gospel?

In conclusion, the Catholic Church now has the opportunity and the responsibility to make changes ensuring that such dark chapters never reoccur. Thanks to their ever forgiving believers. Rudi Nyumbani.

September 28, 2023

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