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Pope Francis condemns exploiters of Africa for plundering the lands and carrying out what seems to be new forms of colonialism.

The Catholic Pope began his scheduled visit to 2 African countries in what he calls a pilgrimage of peace to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. He touched down at Ndjili International Airport in Kinshasa and was welcomed into the country with hundreds of cheering supporters.

The Pope was keen to notice two things these two countries have in common acknowledging that these two nations were endowed with some of the most precious minerals but also ironically, were in a never-ending state of political instability.

“It is a tragedy, what’s happening to these lands and generally the whole African continent. It is evil to think that Africa should be exploited. This country is being plundered endlessly and has not benefited adequately from its immense resources,” said The Pope in his first address during the visit.

The anointed leader of the Catholic church was also keen about the new form of colonialism taking over Africa that seems to have the same effect to it’s as back in the colonial period.

“Political exploitation has given way to economic colonialism which is equally enslaving. Evil is the same. Paradoxically, the riches of its land has been made foreign to its very inhabitants. The poison of greed has smeared its diamonds with blood,” added the Pope about the blood diamonds and the harsh story behind them.

In 2021, The Democratic Republic of Congo’s diamond production amounted to 14.1 million carats. This was an increase of around 9.9% compared to the previous year. The country is ranked fourth as the world’s largest diamond producer by sheer volume.

Still, the DRC remains one of the poorest countries in Africa with the weakest economy despite the obvious advantage in climate, minerals, proximity and even culture.

Despite the heavy tensions that broke out between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda which led to several alleged attacks by Congolese and Rwandan forces on each other’s territory, the people seem optimistic that the Pope’s visit is bound to bare some fruit in finally helping DRC and Africa at large in the yet long journey to regain its ancient glory. What do you think is the best path for Africa moving forward?



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