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Popular Kalenjin artist predicted his death

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Did popular Kalenjin artist Kenene International apparently spoke about death days before perishing with six other artists in a car accident on Saturday?

Aweek old post suggests that Kericho’s finest DJ was rethinking his life and what the afterlife heldHe perished along with six other artistes among them Keneni International on Saturday

Did a popular Kalenjin DJ who was involved in a grisly accident along the Nakuru- Eldoret highway on Saturday that snatched away the lives of six other fellow artists have a premonition on his death?

That is the question on everyone’s lips after a Facebook post from DJ Nico En Embassy emerged in what appears to have foretold his sad demise while heading to a Kalenjin night event in Timboroa, Nakuru County.

In his post on the 3rd of December 2017, Nico posted an eerie text in which he poses to his fans whether his loved ones will still honor him in death.

A week later after signing off the post with ‘nimeenda,’ Kericho’s famous DJ was no more.

“Sometimes you need to be alone in a peaceful and silent environment to think about your life and the people you call loved ones!! Will she be on your side when you are sick?!!

“Will she stands with you during difficulties?!!! Will she stands with you when you are Pronounced dead?!!! Will she have courage to sit beside your coffin during burial?!!

“Will she remain single after funeral, or she will just get one immediately after you are layed to rest during sent off ceremony?!!!

“Ask yourself more questions than that!!!! Tafakari AYO## Na nimeenda!!!

DJ Nico, Kenene International (Josphat Weldon Cheruiyot), Mabengo, Sun star, and three dancers perished on Saturday after a Toyota Probox car that they were travelling in collided head on with a truck.

Their bodies were moved to Molo District hospital mortuary.

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