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Popular Luo Musician’s Wife Shot Dead In Cold Blood

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Popular Luo Musician John Madanji is crying for justice after his wife who was shot dead in cold blood last night by unknown thugs in Umoja, Bee Center.

Madanji says that he was in Kisumu when he received reports that his wife Emmaculate Akoth had been shot dead.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Madanji says that he was shocked with the news of his wife’s death and had to take a flight from Kisumu to Nairobi over the death.

“I am not sure if it was a normal robbery or target on my wife by someone who has a musical grudge with me. Because i have no known enemies in my music career. But if it was a musical grudge, why target my wife? he poses.

Emmah’s Elizabeth Otieno friend who witnessed the killing says that it was 8pm when they had just come from when they were surrounded by people.

She says that she then heard one of the thugs shout achilieni and that is when Emmah was shot dead while she was shot on the leg.

“We had just closed our workplace headed home. We had branched to go buy sugarcane before people accosted us and surrounded us. On of them then shouted achilieni, from one thug who had a pistol,” narrates Otieno.

“Then I heard two gunshots, one hit my leg. When I looked down, I saw my friend Emmah down unconscious,” she says.

Otieno says that she then rushed to the hospital but was asked to report the matter to the police first.

“When I went to the police I asked them to go help my friend who had been shot and was unconscious. They told me that she has already been taken to Mama Lucy Hospital,” says Otieno.

The thugs went away with 24,000 shillings.


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